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Heal Nourish Replenish

Ọmọ Mi Skin is on a mission to help everyone heal, nourish, and replenish their skin naturally. We're here to show you that you CAN have soft, supple, radiant skin without using moisturizers filled with alcohol and toxins. Get ready to feel the difference.

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Whipped Cocoa Body Butter

Ultimate Hydration

Our Whipped Cocoa Body Butters offers are deepest and most intense moisturization. This blend is perfect for those who suffer from dry skin and the issues it may bring.

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Whipped Mango Body Butter

Perfect Moisturization

Our Whipped Mango Body Butter blends provide your skin with the PERFECT amount of moisture! These blends are perfect if you have normal to oily skin

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Why Do People Choose Ọmọ Mi Skin ?

To Feel Better Inside & Out!

Ọmọ Mi Skin was started so a mother could help ease her son's skin discomfort brought on from his Eczema. Ọmọ Mi Skin is 100% vegan and organic products are used so she could feel safe and secure about the ingredients being placed on her baby's skin!

When using Ọmọ Mi Skin's products you can feel safe and secure knowing that you're allowing the purest ingredients to melt into your skin or the skin of your loved ones.

Since Mother Earth takes such a good job taking care of us we feel as if it's our duty to take care of her as much as we can! Everything Ọmọ Mi Skin sends you will be recyclable, up cyclable, biodegradable, or grow you pretty flowers and plants!

With every purchase you have the option to "round up" your change and donate it to 1 of 6 charities of your choice! At the end of every year we'll match the donations our clients leave! Skincare that makes you feel good and helps you do good!

You hear many brands talk about sustainability, we make it our mission to make sure that means more than just recycling and upcycling. We love that we're able to donate & help communities develop programs and resource to help those in need.

Not only will Ọmọ Mi leave your skin soft, supple, and radiant it'll leave your insides all warm & fuzzy too!
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Natural Products

All of our products are handcrafted with 100% natural, vegan, and organic products.

Customized Orders

Have a special event coming up? We got you covered! We can create perfect minis to give away for baby showers, birthdays, or asking someone to be your bridesmaid!

We love to Serve

We LOVE to give back! We believe in order to live a truly good life, you should help & uplift those less fortunate. That's why we give all our customers the option to round up their change and donate it to one of the causes. We actually MATCH all donations given!

Small Business Love

On top of everything else we're a small business! Who doesn't love supporting the little guy <3

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