Ọmọ Mi Skin Does Sustainability!

If you’ve been following us for a while you know that we’re big believers in doing our part in taking care of the Earth and each other! Not only do you get the option to donate to a charity of your choosing at checkout, once your package arrives home you get the chance to add a little more green to Earth!

Knowing that we’d be sending out a lot of packages, we tried to figure out a way to make it as sustainable as possible! Below, we’ll explain how Ọmọ Mi Skin makes your packaging & products sustainable!

  • Shipping Box -  Ọmọ Mi Skin uses Corrugated Cardboard for its packaging. This cardboard is sturdy enough to handle shipping and also 100% recyclable!!! So don’t forget to recycle!


  • Packaging Tape - Ọmọ Mi Skin uses PLASTIC FREE packaging tape! We’re not here to add more plastic in the world (which is where most packaging tape comes from). You can stop having to rip off your packaging tape before you recycle your shipping boxes!


  • Shipping Label - Ọmọ Mi Skin uses zero waste shipping labels as well! Recycled labels that don’t have to be ripped off before sending it off to recycling centers!


  • Packaging Peanuts - Did you know that the packaging peanuts found in your shipment are biodegradable?!? Our packing peanuts dissolve in water leaving behind NO toxic waste!! It’s even FDA approved :)


  • Labels - Ọmọ Mi Skin uses recycled paper to label our bottles but we really wanted to focus on using LESS paper. So instead of wasting more paper to place our logo on our jars we got a brander! Our logo gets branded on the top of every jar! Please try not to judge our HORRIBLE branding too much! 


  • Containers - Ọmọ Mi Skin uses recycled PET containers and we share TONS of ideas of how these containers can be upcycled! Saving money and the environment at the same time! These are great for holding your change, jewelry when you travel, growing green onions, or adding some beads and making instruments with your kids! The possibilities are endless!


  • Burlap Drawstring - Ọmọ Mi Skin uses burlap bags to send you your moisturizing goodies! There are so many ways to upcycle this piece! Our personal favorite is using them to plant your thank you cards and grow beautiful flowers!


  • Thank You Cards - Ọmọ Mi Skin is serious about sustainability! You can actually plant our thank you cards with your burlap drawstring and watch beautiful flowers grow! Plan A was to send thank you cards on recyclable paper but this sounded so much better!


  • Body Butter Ingredients - All of our ingredients come from sustainable sources


  • Community - Donating our time & money to helping those less fortunate so that we’re all able to enjoy life.

These are just a few of the ways we try to make sustainability an even more important thing in our lives and those around us. 

Do you have any ideas for us? 

Is there anything you do with your family?

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