About Us

Skin irritations, rashes and discomforts have been genetic in my
family for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood
and into my early adult years seeing constant battles and
error pharmaceutical options, stinky creams, or my least favorite
those nasty oatmeal baths. For me, this was traumatizing and left
me wondering why some skin was so different then others.
I thought to myself “This is the struggle I always knew I never wanted for my
son” when his first signs of eczema appeared.
My son, being the basis of my inspiration and journey to create this
line of products I chose the name “Ọmọ Mi Skin” which in its literal
translation means "my son" or "my child" in Yoruba.

Ọmọ Mi Skin began with basic-mom internet-research of natural
remedies to treat eczema and dry skin for my son. Through my
researching I became knowledgeable on many different healing
properties that butters, oils, and herbs have. At this point I was
unhappy with everything I saw on the market and decided to take
a chance, on myself. Trial and error, concoction after concoction, I
finally created something that worked, with real results and

Ọmọ Mi Skin is a brand built off the foundation and belief system
that we care people whenever and wherever we can. Family,
friend, neighbor or complete stranger we believe everyone
deserves a product that not only works, but is composed of only
organic natural elements straight from this beautiful earth. We
believe everyone should feel comfortable and proud of the skin
they are in. Not only to our butters provide improvement in
physical skin properties; our essential oils will add for a soothing
and calming aura to help balance emotions.

Made completely by hand, some of our butters’ elements are; pure
Shea, cocoa, kokum, and mango butters, sunflower, avocado,
jojoba and essential oils in addition to a healthy dose of Vitamins
E & C!

Not only do we believe in providing you with the best elements
incorporated into our butters that we could find, we are just as
passionate when it comes to gratitude.
We wouldn’t have this ability without taking from the earth, so we as a brand believe in giving back. Practicing a sustainable lifestyle I wanted this
company to follow those same measures. Each purchase comes
with plant papers in different forms to repurpose and replant into
your eco-friendly jars or a location of your choice! This is our
“Thank you” of sorts to Mother Earth for the precious healing
powers these elements have, that when combined together we
have been gifted with Ọmọ Mi Skin.
Choose Ọmọ Mi Skin today, and start treating your skin the way it's meant to be treated!