Who is Ọmọ Mi Skin ? Why did we start? What's our goal?

Who is Ọmọ Mi Skin? Why did we start? What's our goal?


It all started not so long ago, after my son had a nasty eczema outbreak and I called my mom in a panic not sure what it was or what to do! Thankfully, she was able to calm me down and remind of the pain and battles my younger siblings had gone through with eczema. From the rashes, bumps, patches, skin discoloration, let alone the itchy dry skin! Memories of oat and milk baths, along with all the prescription cremes, and steroids and I knew I had to do something to save my son !! 

Ọmọ Mi Skin started with me researching natural remedies to treat eczema and dry skin learning about the benefits of different butters, carrier oils, and essential oils. I then started whipping him up his own body butters and had AMAZING results! With such great results, soon after I started sharing with family and friends who had the same great experience!

My son was the initial inspiration for  Ọmọ Mi Skin which means "my son" or "my child" in Yoruba. 

Ọmọ Mi Skin is passionate about providing an all natural, organic, and vegan line of products that help nourish replenish, and refresh our largest organ!  

Ọmọ Mi Skin is for individuals who want healthy, glowing, smooth skin without the addition of toxins

It’s our focus to develop long term and trust based relationships with the community we're continuing to form. Our success is built on quality, wellness, and unrivalled customer service.  

Ọmọ Mi Skin is built on taking care of those we love, and wanting to build a community that not only has soft, glowing, supple skin but also knows the importance of self care for ourselves and others

We take natural skin care very seriously which is why we developed a line of premium and homemade products that have been specially designed to get rid of the patches and bumps that dry skin and eczema can cause Our essential oil blends not only help improve your mood but our special blends are specifically put together to fight inflammation, lock in moisture, restore & replenish the skin, give you a radiant glow and even more All of our products contain 100% raw, natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. Each item is made with love along with pure shea, cocoa, kokum, and mango butters, sunflower, avocado, jojoba, coconut and rose ship oils essential oils, as well as a healthy dose of Vitamin E and C Every item in our catalogue is not only healthy, but also amazing for your skin and body! If you ever tried them, you already know this to be true, and if you’re on the fence, trust us Give them a try and you’ll learn that nature is wise, and it gives us all the ingredients we need to take care of our precious skin! Mother Earth always takes care of her children We strongly believe that superior skincare that is affordable is possible, and we work towards making that possible, every single day!

Choose  Ọmọ Mi Skin today, and start treating your skin the way it’s meant to be treated  !

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