How To Plant Ọmọ Mi Skin's Trinkets

The heart & business card will both grow into flowers when you plant them!

It's our gift to you for your support, it's also our way of giving back to the Earth by being conscious about what we add to this Earth. 

Here's how to plant your seed paper:

  1. Find a container to place your seed paper (this is a great way to repurpose our burlap bags or jars after use!)
  2. Place a small amount of soil on the bottom
  3. Place seed paper on top
  4. Put a very thin layer (less than 1/8 inch thick) on top of seed paper
  5. Pour water on it until it's nice and moist
  6. Place in a sunny spot and keep it moist
  7. Sing the seeds a song once in awhile
  8. Watch sprouts form in about 1 -2 weeks
  9. Once sprouts start showing it's safe to move into a pot or your garden (or keep using your burlap bag just a little longer)

*Seed paper should last for about 18 months before it needs to be planted.

We all can do our part in taking care of the Earth, thank you for helping us do ours.

Our packaging is 100% sustainable click here to see how Ọmọ Mi Skin does sustainable packaging!



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